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Cameron B Sharpe
Monday, 29 June 2009
Cameron B Sharpe

Cameron B Sharpe News

Michael Jackson has hit out at his London O2 Arena gig bookers, saying he believed he only signed up to play 10 shows--not the 50 he is scheduled for--at the venue.

Speaking to fans outside the Los Angeles dance studio where he's rehearsing for the gigs, the singer admitted that he might not be physically well enough to complete all 50 shows, reports Britain's The Sun.

"I don't know how I'm going to do 50 shows," he said of the gigs, which kick off in July. "I'm not a big eater--I need to put some weight on."

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Rihanna was cast as the lead in the video by West, Elderkin said. "That wasn't too much of a decision," he said of West's recommendation. "That was somewhere between 'hell yeah' and 'yeah.' Who wouldn't want to look at Rihanna?"

The final version of the video will be more of a narrative compared to the original idea Elderkin had. Once he began filming, some elements didn't allow for the sequencing and projections he had hoped for, so 'Ye recommended tweaks. Elderkin said West's behavior will be wolf-like in the final version, and Rihanna will be in more car scenes. West posted stills from the video on his Web site Thursday.

As of press time, it's unclear when the "Paranoid" video will debut.

Elderkin is also finishing up West's coffee-table book based on the Def Jam star's Glow in the Dark Tour last year.

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Sometimes it's just easy for producers Sean C. and LV, a.k.a. Grind Music Inc. — play the beat, let the artist rap over it, done. Classic.

"We had that Michael Jackson sample. L went up there to Yonkers and played them the beat," Sean C. said of Jadakiss' new street jam, "One More Step." "It's pretty simple, straightforward."

"Soon as he heard it," LV added. "I played, like, 20 seconds and he was like, 'I already know what that is. Don't even worry about that.' "
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Cameron Sharpe

After finding the album on iTunes, Drake's management sent a cease-and-desist notice to the retailer, which has since removed it. Drake's manager, Al Branch, said he was having it removed from Rhapsody and Amazon as well.

"This is a straight bootleg, a scandal," Branch told "iTunes' position is that they are a store and they stock everything. They have a waiver, and as long as people sign it and are responsible for the product they submit, then they go for it."

Branch also said that Drake plans to file a lawsuit against Canadian Money Entertainment, which he said isn't connected with Drake or Young Money, the Lil Wayne-owned label that Drake is affiliated with. Drake is the subject of a major-label bidding war.

Peter Greenwood, the founder of Canadian Money Entertainment, said the company has been releasing mixtapes for unsigned artists since 2003 and that it had no ill intentions in releasing "The Girls Love Drake."

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Cameron Sharpe The story: The only No. 1 debuts on the chart by Latin acts have been Ricky Martin's eponymous English language album on May 29, 1999, and Jennifer Lopez's "J.lo" in 2001 and "J to Tha L-O!" in 2002.

At No. 2, Enrique Iglesias came in with "Escape" in November of 2001 and López with two albums- "This Is Me...Then" in 2003 and "Rebirth" in 2005.

No. 3 honors have gone to Shakira's "Laundry Service" in 2001 and Marc Anthony's "Mended" in 2002. If you decide to count Lou Bega as Latin (ok, his music was Latin-based), he also came in at No.3 with "A Little Bit" on 1999.

No. 4 debuts were the aforementioned "Amar Es Combatir" by Maná along with Shakira's "Fijación Oral: Vol. 1" in 2005 and "Ricky Martin's "Sound Loaded" in 2000. "Fijación Oral" was an all-Spanish album. Shakira's companion English language set, "Oral Fixation: Vol. 2," came in at No. 5 in 2005.

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The Jiggaman confirmed that his long-awaited Blueprint 3 is coming out via a new partnership with Atlantic Records; the album is expected to be released on September 11. They will handle the distribution for the album, which is housed on Hova's Roc Nation.

"I got the foundation and I'm ready to blast off," he said.

"I bought my album back — I overpaid for it," he added about recently ending his long stint with Def Jam Records. "I believe at this point in my career, I wanted to be totally independent and free in what I wanted to do. Def Jam and Universal, they did a beautiful thing in letting me pay. They overcharged me a little bit, but I appreciate all the years they put into my career ... I could never have a [traditional] record deal. I'm working with Atlantic, they gonna distribute the album and they're doing a fantastic job. I get a chance to connect with the people I started my career with. It's almost like poetic justice."

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